Where you shouldn't keep money at home: places that attract poverty

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The energy of money does not like unnecessary obstacles

According to esotericists, the energy of money is a complex and subtle thing that requires a balanced approach. That's why it's important to understand where you shouldn't keep money in your home. The wrong place can lead to stagnation and, as a result, poverty.

OBOZREVATEL has carefully studied all the signs in this regard. And here is a list of places where you shouldn't keep banknotes and coins.

Under the mattress

The upheavals of the nineties gave rise to the meme phrase that it is safest to keep money under the mattress. In fact, hiding it somewhere in the bed will make the energy of money "rest". This can cause stagnation of energy, which means that you won't be able to increase your assets.

At the front door

The entrance to the house is the main channel for the leakage of any energy from the house. Including financial energy. Therefore, it is better to keep your stash somewhere away from this place.

In a jar

A glass or tin can is also a bad option for a hiding place. In such an unsuitable place, banknotes will crumple and accumulate negative energy. The risk of wasting them will increase.

Tied with a rubber band

Regardless of whether you have chosen a good place for your stash or not, you should not put the bills there in a bent form or pull them together with a stationery eraser. In this way, you are blocking their energy channel and blocking the possibility of new income.

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