Where to put ficus plant in the apartment: tips for different species

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How to care for a ficus

Ficus will decorate any interior. This seemingly simple and unpretentious plant can begin to dry out if not properly cared for.

Experts emphasize that certain varieties of ficus require different conditions and care. However, all of them do not like a sudden change of location and frequent transplantation. To know where to put a ficus in the apartment, read the material of OBOZ.UA.

Tips for all ficuses

For ficus, it is better to immediately choose the optimal place and not move the flowerpots again. Although these plants do not like drafts, they still need fresh air. During the warm season, you can move the pots to a balcony or terrace.

Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, so it is better not to place the plants on the windowsill on the south side. East and West windows are best.

In winter, you may have to think of additional artificial lighting, otherwise, the plants may start to shed their leaves.

Tips for individual ficus species

Ficus variegata need brighter lighting, but it should be diffused.

Ficus elastica is considered the most hardy as it tolerates even partial shade.

Ficus alli can grow up to several meters in height and is very fond of sunlight. However, experts do not recommend placing the pot on the floor because this location is not conducive to active lighting and the plant may suffer from drafts.

Ficus lyrata can be placed on a windowsill but it has to be protected from direct rays. This variety will not take root in rooms that are too warm.

Ficus pumila grows well in both active sun and high humidity. It is better to additionally spray it.

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