Where to put a money tree in an apartment to make it bloom: the main factors

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Crassula flowers resemble stars and bloom in inflorescences

The money tree, also known as Crassula and less commonly as a jade plant, gives the indoor garden an exotic look. It has a thick and strong-looking stem with oval fleshy leaves. It also grows in a spreading bush. Like almost all succulents, it takes root well in an apartment but is reluctant to bloom.

However, experienced lovers of indoor plants say that the Crassula can also be stimulated to bloom. Its flowers resemble small white or pink stars, collected in rather lush inflorescences. OBOZ.UA found out what needs to be done to make the plant delight its owner with this wonderful sight.

When can the money tree bloom?

In the northern hemisphere, the flowering season of the money tree falls on the winter months and early spring. At this time, the weather is warm and dry in the succulent's homeland, but it gets noticeably cooler at night.

To get the plant to bloom, it needs to be provided with conditions similar to those of nature. You'll have to do your best to do this because it can be difficult to recreate them. The Crassula can be seriously damaged if you violate the optimal regime.

The age of the plant

In general, younger plants bloom less often. For your money tree to bloom, wait until it is at least three to four years old. Only then try to place it in conditions that stimulate flowering.


The money tree is native to South Africa, where it is hot and dry during the day and cool at night. The indoor conditions are usually too humid for the plant to bloom. In addition, the air of the dryness it needs can be somewhat uncomfortable for people. Therefore, if you want to admire the miracle of the flowering of the Crassula, you will have to sacrifice your own comfort and bring the humidity to the room where it grows to the minimum with the help of dehumidifiers and other devices.


This succulent doesn't need much moisture to release its buds. Therefore, reduce the amount of watering in the run-up to the appropriate season. Let the soil in the pot dry completely and water the plant minimally. After all, succulents are designed to tolerate even complete drought.


Crassulas need a lot of light to grow and bloom well. Therefore, to get it to bloom, move the pot to a place where it will receive 8 to 12 hours of bright, direct sunlight. Alternatively, provide it with a phytolamp.


The optimum temperature for the flowering of the Crassula is about 15 degrees Celsius. However, to avoid freezing the tropical plant, do not allow the temperature to drop to 10 degrees or lower.

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