Where to choose the best place for peonies in the flower garden and how to fertilize them in spring

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Peonies in the garden

Lush and bright peonies will become a real decoration of the garden. These are delicate, graceful and fragrant flowers that generally do not require special care, but it is worth choosing the right site and fertilizing in time.

OBOZ.UA figured out where is the best place to plant peonies and what fertilizers will contribute to lush, long-lasting flowering. First of all, it is worth remembering that these are light-loving flowers, so they will quickly fade in the shade and in drafts.

Where to plant peonies

When choosing a place to plant, it is important to note that peonies do not respond well to shade. Do not plant them under trees or too close to a fence. Of course, you need to choose a place that is protected from drafts and winds.

It is also better not to plant peonies in areas where a "greenhouse effect" can form - excessive moisture leads to root rot and fungal diseases.

You should also keep in mind the rules of neighborhood: lilies of the valley, wormwood, and fruit bushes are bad neighbors and will not contribute to the growth and flowering of peonies.

Where to choose the best place for peonies in the flower garden and how to fertilize them in spring

How to fertilize peonies

Let's start with the misconceptions: experts do not recommend applying urea and ammonium nitrate under peony bushes.

Humus as a mulch would also be a gross mistake: due to an excess of this kind of organic matter, flowering can simply stop.

It is best to feed the plants with a complex mineral fertilizer. Peonies need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus components. The ratio should be equal. Gardeners recommend that the formula looks like this: "20-20-20".

Fertilizing is quite simple: dig a few small holes next to the bush. It is advisable to place the fertilizer at a depth of 0.15 meters. About 20 grams of the product will be enough for each hole. After filling the holes with fertilizer, they should be covered with soil.

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