When you see a stork - a good sign: folk omens

A stork building a nest near a dwelling - a good omen

The stork is a special bird in Ukrainian culture. It has long been believed that it can protect people from misfortune and negativity.

The stork is called a messenger of happiness. People used to say that if this bird built a nest near the house, the family would be harmonious, cozy and prosperous. But there is also a negative meaning of omens. Read more about this in the OBOZREVATEL article.

If storks have built a nest near the house

If a stork has made a nest on the roof of a house, it means that there will be prosperity and happiness in the house.

To see a stork leave its nest is a bad omen. Superstitious people believe that in this case, some disaster will happen in the house. Even fires or destruction are possible.

If a stork moves its nest to another roof, it is a bad sign that portends problems and illness.

Our ancestors also said that storks protect the house from lightning.

If you see a stork in the sky

A stork in the sky was considered a harbinger of joyful events and long-awaited good news.

To see a stork flying over the house is to meet a loved one.

If many storks are flying over the house, guests will soon come to bring good news and a joyful mood.

When you see a stork - a good sign: folk omens

Ancient signs for women and girls

It has long been said that if an unmarried girl sees a stork in the sky, she will soon meet her destiny and get married.

If a woman noticed that a bird was flying over her house, it meant that the family would soon have a new addition. By the way, this sign gave rise to an interesting belief that storks bring children.

If a woman saw a stork standing on the road, she would soon become a mother.

There was also a belief for couples who wanted to have children. It was believed that if you saw a stork in the sky, you should make a wish to become a parent. 

Stork feathers and figurines

Although the stork is a harbinger of joy and prosperity, it was not recommended to keep stork statuettes at home. You should also not give such souvenirs to someone. There is a version that such gifts and interior items can bring bad luck.

If you find a stork feather on the road or in the field, you should pick it up and take it with you. It is said to serve as a talisman and bring good luck.

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