When to move tomato seedlings to a greenhouse and what temperature is suitable

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Tomato seedlings

The owners pay special attention to tomato seedlings during cultivation. This is a heat-loving plant that requires favorable conditions, a suitable location and temperature for strong and healthy seedlings that will bear juicy and healthy fruits in the future.

OBOZ.UA has found effective tips that will help you cope with this. Before moving seedlings to a greenhouse, you need to carefully study the weather forecast because the temperature significantly affects future fruiting.


This is an ideal place to grow tomatoes as the air and soil warm up much faster here. It is important to choose the right time for transplanting.

The air temperature inside the greenhouse should be at least 18-20 degrees Celsius during the day and at least 8 degrees Celsius at night. This is the main condition for the growth and development of seedlings.


You should start gardening in the greenhouse only when the soil warms up to 12-14 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops to +5 degrees and below, the seedlings will freeze and die and all your efforts will be in vain.

Follow these simple tips to get a good and plentiful harvest. Even small things can negatively affect the growth and development of seedlings.

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