When to change clocks to winter time in 2023 in Ukraine and how to prepare the body

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You should start preparing for the time change now

The day when Ukraine will switch to winter time is approaching. Setting the clocks back an hour will save some electricity, but it can affect health, especially for sensitive people.

OBOZREVATEL shares when the clocks need to be changed and how to prepare yourself for this day properly to reduce the stress on your body.

When will Ukraine switch to winter time in 2023?

According to the rules that apply in our country, the transition to winter time takes place on the last Sunday of October at 4 a.m. This year it will be the 29th.

The world is currently debating the need to change clocks twice a year, and many countries have already abandoned this practice. However, Europe continues to change its time, and Ukraine, which aspires to join the European Union, plans to harmonize its decision with the final decision of the European Commission. The discussion on this issue is still ongoing.

How to prepare for the time change

To avoid unnecessary stress for the body, you need to prepare in advance and start right now. Fortunately, the set of appropriate measures is not very complicated and does not require significant effort, only regular implementation.

Use the power of daylight

In the fall, when there is less sun, our body's production of vitamin D decreases. Its deficiency can make you feel exhausted. You don't need to lie on the beach all day to regain your vigor as half an hour of walking in the sunshine will be enough even if you are fully dressed and only your hands and face are exposed. So just take a short walk every day when it's still light outside. Try not to miss the sunny hours. If you want, consult your doctor about taking vitamin D supplements, but don't do it yourself.

Maintain good sleep hygiene

Perhaps the biggest problem after changing the clocks is falling asleep at unusual times. A general improvement in sleep hygiene can help solve this problem. Take a warm shower or bath at night to relax, turn off all possible lights in the house, and be sure to put away all electronic gadgets an hour before bedtime. The blue light from screens can prevent your body from producing melatonin, a hormone that signals that it's time to sleep. Put down the phone, turn off the TV and computer, and read a book instead.

Gradually change your sleep schedule

To avoid a shock when you change your bedtime, gradually adjust yourself to the new time. Start going to bed 10-15 minutes later than usual two weeks before. As soon as you get used to the new timing, make the next small shift in your schedule. Then the adaptation will be easy and almost imperceptible to the body.

Don't forget about physical activity

Mild physical fatigue helps to improve sleep, so add some light exercise to your schedule. Warming up in the morning and stretching in the evening, taking an active walk in the fresh air, or dancing at home will be enough. The main thing is to finish any activity four hours before bedtime. Your body temperature will rise slightly due to the exertion, and you need it to be below average to fall asleep. So give your body a chance to rest and calm down.

Change your diet

The way you eat affects your sleep quality, and this is a scientifically proven fact. So, how can you change your diet to get better sleep? Cut down on carbohydrates (but don't cut them out entirely) and start eating protein foods and fiber from fruits and vegetables. Avoid overeating at night. Try to have dinner at the same time every night to help organize your schedule.

Avoid stress

Cortisol, other hormones, and neurotransmitters that our body produces during quarrels and conflicts quickly deplete the body's energy. To avoid this, monitor your stress levels. Don't forget to take breaks from work to avoid overexertion, and take care of your emotional background. It should be stable and at a sufficiently positive level.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL shared how to set up your gadgets properly during the time change.

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