When not to clean the house: folk signs

You shouldn't clean in the evening or when someone close to you is traveling

Cleaning the house has, among other things, great esoteric significance. It is believed that at this time, cleanliness is not only brought about in the physical dimension. The energy of the house also changes.

This means that cleaning is not appropriate in all situations. OBOZERVATEL found out what these situations are and why, from the point of view of superstition, it is really better to put aside the rag and vacuum cleaner at such moments.

In the evening

When the sun goes down and it gets dark, the polarity of energy changes. Therefore, cleaning in the dark may not fill the house with fresh vibrations, renew it, but contribute to the spread of negative energy. As a result, households can start quarreling with each other and suffer serious financial losses. This sign can also be explained rationally - when there is a lack of light, the cleaning is likely to be of poor quality and will have to be redone later.

Before a long journey

When we go on a trip, especially a long one, it is very important not to lose touch with home. And cleaning before you leave can significantly disrupt it. In this case, the trip may turn out to be unsuccessful, full of problems and even misfortune.

When someone close to you has left home and is on the road

The reason for this belief is the same as in the previous paragraph - you can't break the energy connection between a person and his or her home. Even if it was a guest. So, for example, washing the floor erases its traces and the person no longer has energy support while on the road. Therefore, it is important to wait until the person safely reaches their destination, and then start cleaning up.

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