When daylight saving time is set: how to prepare your body

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Spring time change will be easy if you prepare in advance

Daylight saving time is a real stressful time, because the hands are shifted one hour forward and you have to get used to getting up an hour earlier. However, the body can be prepared for this.

OBOZ.UA tells you when daylight saving time will take place this year. And what you can do to change your regimen with minimal health risks.

When to change the clocks

According to Ukrainian law, daylight saving time is set to start on the last Sunday of March. The clocks are set forward 1 hour at 3 am sharp.

So this year, the time change will take place on March 31. If you have mechanical clocks in your home, as well as gadgets that are not connected to mobile networks or the Internet, you will need to switch them manually. And it is advisable to do this in the evening so that you can get up in the morning at the new time and not confuse anything. The rest of the devices will reset their clocks by themselves, and the alarm on your smartphone will go off according to daylight saving time.

How to prepare for daylight saving time

The main advice is to start adjusting your schedule at least a couple of weeks in advance. Start going to bed and getting up 5-10 minutes earlier in 2-3 day increments. This way, you will gradually get used to the new schedule and the time change will not be stressful for you.

But this is not the end of the list of useful tips to help prepare your body. Here's what else doctors recommend:

  • A few days before the change of the clocks, try to limit stress and workload in your life. Don't stay late at work, choose moderate workouts. Make sure you get enough rest and good sleep.
  • At least partially replace intense gym sessions with walks in the fresh air. Sunlight and oxygen will help strengthen your body and relieve the effects of daily stress.
  • Adjust your diet to a healthier one. Avoid fatty, spicy, and difficult-to-digest foods. Replace at least one cup of coffee with tea or water. Reduce your sugar intake. If possible, avoid alcohol altogether.
  • Take care of your sleep hygiene. An hour before you go to bed, stop using gadgets, dim the lights in your bedroom, and ventilate it. In the morning, open the curtains immediately to get as much morning light as possible, which will help you wake up easily.

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