When are memorial days in 2024: all dates and how to properly commemorate the deceased

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Memorial days in 2024

The transition to the New Julian calendar resulted in the postponement of church holidays by 13 days. The dates of traditional memorial days and "parental Saturdays" have also shifted.

Memorial traditions are important folk rites that have existed since ancient times. Read the OBOZ.UA article to find out what dates the memorial days fall on in 2024 and how to properly honor the memory of the deceased.

Memorial dates

  • March 9 - Meatless Saturday, Universal Parents' Saturday.
  • March 30 - Saturday of the second week of Lent.
  • April 6 - Saturday of the third week of Lent.
  • April 13 - Saturday of the fourth week of Lent.
  • May 9 - Day of Remembrance of Soldiers.
  • May 14 - Radonitsa (Send-off).
  • June 22 - Trinity Parents' Saturday, Universal Parents' Saturday.
  • July 27 - Parents' Saturday before the Assumption Fast.
  • September 28 - Intercession Saturday (before the Feast of the Intercession on October 1).
  • October 19 - Dmitriy's Parents' Saturday.
  • October 26 - Kuzmina's memorial Saturday.
  • November 2 - Michael's Parental Saturday (before the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, which falls on November 8).
  • November 9 - Parents' Saturday before the beginning of the Christmas fast.

Traditions of memorial days

On memorial days, it is customary to go to church and order a prayer service for the dead. After the service, people traditionally visit graves.

According to beliefs, on these days the dead should not be called dead or deceased because they have a strong connection with the living. In your memories and prayers, you should address them by name and thank them for all the good deeds they did during their lifetime.

It is also important to clean up the graves: wash crosses or monuments, clear away dry leaves and grass, paint fences, put flowers and light candles.

Folk prohibitions

On memorial days, you should not have lunches with alcohol right at the cemetery.

You should also not say unpleasant things about the deceased or mention their bad deeds.

It is better to postpone the installation of a monument or cross on the grave for another day.

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