When and how to fertilize peppers: Grandma's secret for a rich harvest

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For Grandma's fertilizer for peppers, only bread and nettle are needed

Sweet or bell peppers are a popular vegetable. With proper care, they produce a lot of juicy, vitamin-rich fruits that can be eaten fresh or canned for the winter. However, the pepper harvest can be significantly increased if the plants are properly fertilized in the spring.

OBOZREVATEL learned about a simple and effective recipe for feeding. Any gardener can make it because the ingredients are cheap and easy to find.

When to fertilize peppers

For plants to be healthy and resilient, the first feeding should be done early enough. Experienced gardeners recommend doing this 12-14 days after picking the seedlings, when the first leaves begin to appear on the young peppers.

How to make your own fertilizer

To provide peppers with all the nutrients they need for growth, you can prepare an infusion of ordinary bread and nettles. For this, you will need to take:

  • dry bread - 2 loaves;
  • freshly cut nettles - a large bunch;
  • water.

Put the crushed bread and chopped nettles in a 10-liter bucket, pour water over them, and cover with a lid. Infuse the fertilizer for a week, stirring it from time to time.

When the liquid is infused, strain and dilute it. The fertilizer is diluted with clean water in a ratio of 1:10 and poured over seedlings, and later over adult bushes planted in the ground.

Fertilizer based on hydrogen peroxide

Another fertilizer that will help disinfect the soil in the pepper garden, reducing the risk of disease for the plant. The main thing about fertilizing with peroxide is to strictly observe the proportions, especially when treating seedlings.

To prepare the product, dilute 1 tablespoon of pharmacy hydrogen peroxide in 500 ml of water. You can pour this mixture over the peppers or spray them.

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