What you shouldn't give for a housewarming: the things that bring trouble

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It is important not to bring gifts with bad energy to a housewarming party

Moving into a new home is always an exciting moment, because almost every time there is something missing to call the house a full cup. That's why guests invited to a housewarming party try to give something useful on this occasion.

But, as OBOZREVATEL has found out, not all of the items, even those that are very necessary, can be a good gift. Folk superstitions name at least 5 things that should be avoided as a moving house gift.

Knives, scissors and other sharp objects

Anything that has a sharp cutting edge or point is popularly considered a harbinger of quarrels and scandals. Therefore, in order not to fill the new home with conflict energy, it is better to avoid such gifts.


A mirror plays the role of a portal to the other world. And you never know what exactly will come out of it when it is in the house. It is better to let the new settlers choose such an object to their liking.

Money and wallets

An empty wallet as a gift is a symbol of poverty, and money given as a gift is symbolically analogous to a loan. Each of these gifts will bring financial problems to the new home. You can only give a wallet as a gift if it contains some kind of bill or coin. And the bigger the better.


The symbol of time reminds us that life is passing, which is also not the best gift when people are starting a new stage. It is better not to give a watch for any holiday.

Pearls and any objects with pearls

Pearls are a symbol of tears. If they are given as a housewarming gift, they will attract crying, pain, conflicts and troubles to the new home. It will be especially difficult for women in this house. This, in particular, can doom a girl or woman to loneliness or unhappiness in marriage.

What to do if you have chosen an inappropriate gift

You can clear the energy of an object by symbolically "selling" it. Don't be afraid to ask the person you brought the present to for some small money - this way, the person will get rid of the negative that an inappropriate gift can bring them.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told what items can not be given for free.

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