What you should never do when you have guests: common etiquette violations

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One of the main taboos during a party is discussing politics or money

Probably, each of us has found ourselves in an uncomfortable situation when the hosts started doing something at a party that caused mixed emotions among the guests. They started a conversation on an uncomfortable and conflicting topic or went about their business.

Knowledge of etiquette helps to avoid such situations. So Best Life turned to behavioral experts to compile a list of things you shouldn't do when you have guests over to avoid embarrassing them.

Don't finish preparing before the guests arrive

By the time your guests arrive - especially for more formal gatherings, such as a visit from your partner's parents or a reception for colleagues - your preparations should be complete. It's not polite to finish cleaning or cooking, run to the shower, or do your hair and makeup when they're already at the door. Therefore, the house should be cleaned, you should be dressed and ready to welcome your guests, the food should be at the stage of readiness when it is ready to be served, the table should be set, candles should be lit, and music should be playing. Nothing spoils the mood like having to take out the trash in front of everyone or decorate the dining room table. And first of all, for the hosts themselves.

Avoid topics about health, money, religion, or politics

It is especially important not to touch on sensitive topics if you are not very familiar with the guests. People often disagree on these issues, and you don't want to make someone who has come to your home have a good time get upset, blush, or start a heated argument. Etiquette experts say that any hobbies or interests that guests have are safe topics for discussion - books read, movies watched, performances attended, travels, etc.

Restrain pets from wild behavior

If your dog gets its dirty paws on a guest's light dress and leaves a stain, or your cat pounces on a plate of someone's food or scratches someone else's child, it can seriously ruin everyone's mood. So try your best to avoid such situations. For example, leave your pet in a place where it feels comfortable and visit it from time to time. And introduce your pet to guests only if it knows how to react calmly to such situations. Also, before the party, ask if any of the guests have allergies. If so, don't let the animal out until everyone leaves.

Don't start cleaning up until the guests have left

Washing dishes or taking down decorations can signal to guests that you don't want them in your home anymore, which is quite rude. So taking the plates or glasses to the sink is acceptable behavior, but washing the dishes is a bit much. Your attention should be focused on socializing, not on household chores. However, if the guests have stayed late, you can show them that the party is over by doing something to indicate this. But don't remove the tablecloth from the table, right in front of the people sitting at it, and don't start the laundry cycle. Think of something more delicate.

Don't make family scenes

One of the most unpleasant situations you can get into is to witness a quarrel between partners or parents with children. Therefore, such situations should be carefully avoided when you have guests. Do not pick on your partner, do not criticize children, and do not make toxic jokes about each other. You will figure out the relationship when the guests have already left.

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