What vegetables can be planted in the garden in early March: a list

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The first warmth will be enough to germinate these vegetables

The earlier you sow the garden, the earlier you harvest. But this quite logical rule does not work with all species, but only with those that tolerate the March cold and will take root in the garden even at the very beginning of spring.

That's why OBOZ.UA asked gardeners what kind of vegetables can be planted in the open ground in March. They won't be afraid of night frosts and will ripen quickly when it gets warm.


Radish is the first spring vegetable to ripen in the open ground. Its seeds germinate as soon as the temperature is slightly above zero and will survive a short-term light frost at night. Before planting, the seeds should be soaked for 24 hours and disinfected. The seeds are sown in the ground to a depth of 2 cm in 15 cm increments. In the event of prolonged frosts, it is better to cover the bed with foil.


Early varieties of this root crop can be planted as early as mid-March. To do this, the soil is pre-enriched with humus and furrows are made in the bed with a 20 cm spacing and 3 cm depth. You can add a little ash to these furrows to fertilize the carrots.

Dill and parsley

These types of herbs have become so popular because they are completely unpretentious to growing conditions. When the average daily temperature reaches +3 degrees, dill and parsley can be sown in the garden. The seeds are placed in shallow grooves, up to 3 cm, 10 cm apart.


Another spring green that tolerates early planting. This leafy vegetable will germinate even at 2-3 degrees Celsius and limited light. Although it will grow slowly in March. Nevertheless, watercress can be eaten at the microgreen stage.

Kale cabbage

Kale is almost a record holder among cold-resistant vegetables. It can withstand night frosts down to -15 degrees, and its leaves become even tastier after such an extreme. Kale can be sown when the soil warms up to 4-5 degrees, and the first harvest can be taken in about 2 months.


The juicy root vegetable will germinate and take root when the soil in the garden warms up to 10 degrees. This usually happens at the end of March. Before planting, it is better to soak the seeds in warm water overnight, so they germinate faster.


The legume feels quite good when the temperature is stable at 5-7 degrees Celsius and above. Then you can make furrows 4 cm deep in the selected bed in increments of 20 cm. The distance between the pea seeds when planting them in the ground should be 5 cm.

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