What tomatoes are best for growing in a greenhouse and canning: varieties

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The right choice will bring a rich harvest and high-quality preservation for the winter

Tomatoes are one of the favorite crops to grow in the garden. Yes, they are a lot of trouble – they often get sick and are sensitive to external conditions – but ripe fruits look stunning in the garden, and this vegetable is also suitable for growing in a greenhouse and preserving for the winter.

But which varieties to choose for these purposes? OBOZ.UA asked experts for their opinion on the matter. And they named which tomatoes will feel good in a greenhouse, and which fruits will best withstand canning.

Growing in a greenhouse

A greenhouse helps to get stronger tomato seedlings, as well as an early and rich harvest of these fruits. Tomatoes should be sown according to the following principle: late varieties in February, mid-season varieties in the first half of March, and early varieties in the second half of this month. Seedlings in a greenhouse will grow stronger than those grown at home, as they will be able to provide optimal temperature, lighting, humidity, and watering, as well as more space for germination.

If you are a happy owner of a heated greenhouse, you can grow juicy fruits all year round, not just in spring and summer. In this case, you will have to take care of additional lighting to help the fruit ripen.

You can choose any variety for growing in a greenhouse and use it for fresh consumption, cooking, juicing, and preserving. But the following are best suited for the greenhouse:

  • Geisha;
  • Fairy gift;
  • Andromeda;
  • Eagle's beak;
  • Pink angel;
  • Pink pearl;
  • Fatalist.

Tomatoes for canning

Not all tomatoes can withstand preservation – salting, pickling, and other methods. First of all, these should be fruits that have sufficiently strong skin and dense flesh. They will keep their shape even after processing.

In addition, these should not be varieties with large fruits. A tomato intended for canning should be easy to fit into a jar. You should also choose varieties of vegetables that have a high content of sugars in the pulp. It will produce more lactic acid for the fermentation process.

Cherry tomatoes are a good choice here. They have all the qualities necessary for canning. What other varieties should you choose? Experts identify the following:

  • Auria;
  • Banana legs;
  • De Barao;
  • Pink raisins;
  • Raja;
  • Rum baba;
  • Alexander the Great.

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