What to plant near strawberries: the yield will increase dramatically

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The right neighborhood will ensure active strawberry growth. Source: Created with the help of A.L.

Strawberries are a garden berry with which we associate the arrival of summer. And it is quite easy to grow on your own plot. Especially if you know the secrets of the right neighborhood.

Therefore, OBOZ.UA asked experienced gardeners about the secrets of which plants are best to plant strawberries next to. And tells all the basic tips on this subject.

It is best to place onions and garlic, legumes, various greens, and some root vegetables near the berry bed. Onions and garlic will be excellent protection for the berry from various pests and diseases. In particular, from the dangerous late blight. These species also saturate the soil with nitrogen, without which it is impossible to get a good berry harvest.

Various legumes, such as peas, beans, soybeans, lentils, and beans, also add nitrogen to the soil. But in such a neighborhood, you will have to monitor the growth of weeds more carefully, because they also feel good in nitrogen-rich areas.

Greens such as spinach, sorrel, various salads, basil, or arugula have no pests or diseases in common with strawberries, so they will be safe neighbors for the berry. Moreover, greens help the bushes grow more intensively and produce a mustache.

As for root crops, it is best to plant parsley near the strawberry bed. Its smell will scare away slugs. Beets, radishes and radishes, if planted about 50 cm from the berry, will stimulate its growth and ripening. Potatoes, on the other hand, have no place near strawberries, because of the susceptibility of both plants to late blight.

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