What to plant in the garden if you are a beginner: the easiest vegetables

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Radishes and leafy vegetables will be the first to enjoy the harvest

Growing vegetables is a great hobby. You don't even have to try to grow a supply of vegetables for the whole winter right away. For motivation and interest, you can start with a few easy-to-care-for crops.

Experienced gardeners will tell you what to plant. OBOZ.UA asked what crops they advise to try for those who want to grow vegetables for salads and soups on their own in the summer. Here is the list suggested by the experts and their advice.


It is probably the easiest vegetable to grow. It's also the earliest to ripen. Radishes are sown in shallow furrows, about 1 cm deep. The distance between these furrows should be 30 cm. Cover the seeds with soil and water regularly. In just 4-5 weeks, you can harvest the crop. If you want, you can sow radishes in several waves with a break of 10-15 days, so you will have fresh vegetables on the table for a long time.


This legume is quite resistant to cold weather, so it will withstand sowing at the end of March. It is advisable to choose a time when night frosts have already stopped. Dig the bed so that the soil is loose and make furrows 2-3 cm deep. Place the peas in these furrows about 5 cm apart and cover them with soil. Make sure the plants get plenty of sunlight and don't forget to install a support so that the peas can climb over them as they start to grow.


This leafy vegetable is also not afraid of the spring chill, so it can be sown as early as March. Prepare the rows in the spinach bed at a distance of 15 cm from each other and sow the seeds. Fill the furrow with soil and tamp it down well so that the seeds have good contact with the soil. In a few days, the spinach should germinate, and in a few weeks, you will already be harvesting your first crop.


Different types of lettuce can be grown from seeds or seedlings. If you choose the first method, sow the seeds directly into the soil in rows 30 cm apart. Cover it with a thin layer of soil, about 0.5 cm. For those who choose seedlings, it is recommended to place them in to the same depth with a distance of 20 to 30 cm between the bushes. For better growth, keep the soil in the bed moist.


Mid-March is a good time to plant early varieties of potatoes, and they can be harvested young in mid-summer. To get a good harvest, dig up the bed in the fall and dig furrows 12-15 cm deep. Place quarters of the seed potatoes 30 cm apart. Make sure that each has an "eye", i.e. a sprout. Fill in the furrows by 10 cm and add more soil as the bushes grow so that the root part is always hilled.

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