What to give as a present when you have no ideas: interesting and useful options

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These gifts will be inexpensive and will definitely please the person to whom they are intended

Every year, on the eve of the holiday season, we all ask ourselves the same question - what to give? No one wants to spend money on something that will be a burden, disappoint or dislike. Fortunately, there are several universal gift options.

OBOZ.UA publishes this list. It's basic and you can add a little imagination to it to find or make some unique items that will bring their owner a lot of joy.


It is not necessary to give a porcelain set for 12 people, but you should not buy a hundredth souvenir cup. Think about what the person you want to make happy likes and what habits they have. A set of exquisite coffee cups and saucers, a set of wine glasses, or some original beer mug can be a good gift. A lunchbox for someone who watches their diet, a thermal mug for a long walker, containers for seasonings for someone who loves to cook, an ice cream spoon for a sweet tooth. There is a lot of room for ideas.

Books and stationery

If a person loves reading- a book will always be a good gift for them. Ask them what genre they like and choose something suitable - a fiction bestseller or motivational literature, science pop or an interesting biography. A notebook or planner will also be a good gift if the person has to keep a lot of details in mind.

Interior decor

If you are not sure about the style that the person likes, you can always give a festive set of candles or a beautiful garland. Such decor will fit into any interior and create a mood whenever it is needed. And then the imagination can be unlimited - flower vases, decorative pillows, rugs, nightlights, even indoor plants, if the person likes to take care of them.

Games - board games, computer games, etc.

As to  a person with whom youspend time in company  often, it would be appropriate to give a board game that is interesting to both of you - fortunately, there is a very large selection now. Just like the choice of games for families, if this person has children. For someone who is happy to spend the night with a gamepad in their hands, you can choose some new video game. But before you do, make sure that the person doesn't already have such a game or is only planning to buy it. You can also give passes to escape rooms, laser tag, or some similar entertainment centers if you know it will bring joy.

Coffee or tea

Almost everyone drinks these drinks. And it is quite difficult to make a mistake here. Just take a closer look at what the person drinks during your meals together and order high-quality coffee beans or brewing in gift wrapping. Such a gift will put you in a good mood for a long time. And it will definitely not collect dust on the shelf.

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