What to do to avoid powder stains on your clothes: tips

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To prevent white streaks from appearing on dark clothes after washing, use ordinary salt

It's hard to describe the feeling of disappointment when you take your freshly washed clothes out of the machine and they are covered in powder stains. Such marks are especially noticeable on dark clothes. This can happen for several reasons: too much powder, too hard water and, accordingly, scale in the appliance mechanism, an overloaded drum. And additional rinsing does not always help.

Of course, the first step to solving the problem should be to eliminate the above errors. Load the laundry moderately, follow the instructions for use of your detergent, and clean the machine. But experts advise to use one simple remedy to combat the problem of stains on clothes - OBOZ.UA tells you more.

It is ordinary table salt. It should be added before washing to the compartment where the conditioner is usually poured. For one large load, you will need half a glass, for a small amount of things, a tablespoon will be enough.

In addition to preventing stains, salt can help solve several other problems. For example, washing in salted water allows you to keep the color of fabrics bright for longer. In addition, it is a good way to fight sweat stains in the armpit area of clothes. And if you add a small amount of vinegar to the salt, together they will help to brighten old white clothes and eliminate any foreign odors.

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