What to do if you lost your smartphone: simple instructions

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What to do if you lost your phone

Losing your phone is always a stressful situation. It involves unplanned financial expenses caused by the need to buy a new gadget, and emotional suffering from the loss of important information. A lost smartphone can be used by fraudsters for their criminal purposes.

If you find out that your smartphone is  lost, you should act immediately. Cyberpolice has published a step-by-step algorithm of actions that can protect a lost phone.

First of all, cyberpolice recommends contacting your mobile operator and blocking your SIM card . This is to prevent criminals from using your number in their fraud.

Then you should end all active sessions in your accounts.

As soon as possible, you should change passwords to:

  • Apple ID and Google accounts;
  • all social networks;
  • all instant messengers;
  • mailboxes;
  • online banking.

It is imperative that you pre-configure two-factor authentication on your smartphone, which is an additional level of security in addition to a password or PIN. If the function is enabled, when you try to log in to your account, you will be asked to enter a code sent to a specific mobile device. It can be push notifications, software tokens, voice authentication, etc.

If possible, you should also block or delete all data on the device. To do this, follow the instructions from the official resources of the manufacturer of the lost device.And, of course, if you are a victim of theft, immediately call the police at 102 or 112.

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