What things you categorically cannot use if the expiration date has expired: A list

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The expiration date of any product does not mean that it instantly goes to the dark side of power and begins to harm you. But some things are still better not to use after the date indicated on the package. The reason is how they come into contact with your body and its sensitive parts, and how much damage they can cause.

OBOZREVATEL made a list of such items. It is better to dispose of them just in time and part with no regret because the problems because of them can be very unpleasant.


If you have a tube of Sanskrit from last season, carefully examine the packaging. The fact is that sunscreens weaken over time due to natural oxidation, and they hardly provide any protection at all by the expiration date.


In addition to the fact that worn bristles do not provide quality cleaning of teeth and gums, they also become more porous. And the pores can accumulate bacteria that will provoke tooth decay rather than protect against it. Therefore, after three months of use, this thing should be replaced with a new one.

Container for lenses

Despite the fact that the lens cleaning solution kills bacteria, you should still not count on 100% effectiveness. Some of the microorganisms may still settle and accumulate inside the container. This in turn increases the risk of eye infections, which can lead to vision impairment.


Mascara can also pose an eye hazard. It comes in contact with the body and does not provide disinfection. Therefore, various microorganisms can develop in the cosmetic product. Even an unused tube should be thrown away when it expires from the time it is opened, indicated on the package.

Cosmetics with a creamy texture

Both care and decorative cosmetics can delaminate and deteriorate over time. In addition, they are constantly in contact with the skin and also accumulate various bacteria. And this leads to skin inflammation, rashes, and even allergic reactions.


This cosmetic product takes on most bacteria because it is in contact with the mucosa of the mouth. Therefore, you should part with expired lipsticks without regret.

Kitchen Boards

Regardless of what material is made of this item, over time, it is covered with knife cuts, and in these cavities perfectly feel the microorganisms. And the surface of the food that is cut up on the board can have very dangerous bacteria on it. For the same reason, you should keep several different boards for different types of food - so you don't mix contaminants from different types of food.

Dishwashing sponges.

Dishwashing sponges also accumulate bacteria. And it's nearly impossible to remove these contaminants from the pores of the sponge, even by heating it in the microwave. The only way to prevent the spread of pathogens is to replace them in time.

Plastic food containers

Containers manufactured according to old standards may contain the harmful substance bisphenol A. It is released when heated - when you put something hot into a container or heat food on it in the microwave. This substance can be toxic to the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems.

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