What things you absolutely should not vacuum: the equipment may get damaged

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What kind of debris can damage a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an indispensable cleaning tool, but some mistakes in use can lead to disastrous consequences. The dust bag can rupture, the filter can become clogged, and the motor can even break down.

Broken glass, coins, paper, potted plants, and wet food are likely to clog the filters and cause the motor to stop. Lifehacker has revealed what other things you absolutely cannot vacuum.


Do not attempt to vacuum up liquids with a regular vacuum cleaner - the device can be seriously damaged. There is a risk even if you are using a cordless model. Moisture will cause mold to form inside the dust bag or container, which can lead not only to the appearance of pathogenic fungal spores but also to the failure of the entire system. If you don't have a special vacuum cleaner for cleaning up spills, always wipe up the liquid by hand.

Soil, ash residue, coffee grounds

Your home vacuum cleaner is not designed to collect ashes. The particles are likely to clog the filters. This also applies to soil and coffee grounds, as they can have a high level of humidity, which can again lead to mold. Experts recommend sweeping up the debris with a broom first and then vacuuming.

Sharp objects

Do not vacuum glass, needles, or any other sharp objects, as this can damage the appliance. Even if your vacuum cleaner has a fabric dust bag, sharp objects can still cause internal damage to the system.


Loose powder contains particles that are too fine for the vacuum to pick up properly. In addition, powder can get into the motor and cause more serious damage. It is better to remove cosmetics from the floor with dish soap and cool water.

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