Which things should never be machine washed so as not to damage the fabric

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Machine washing is hardly delicate when it comes to these things

The emergence of affordable household washing machines solved the problem of one of the most difficult types of household labor. Now all you have to do with your clothes is load them into the drum, and then take them out and dry them in time. But sometimes we rely on this appliance too much. There is a whole list of things that should not be put in the washing machine as it will ruin them.

OBOZ.UA has collected the opinions of experts on this matter. Here is a list of things that need hand washing or dry cleaning. We did not take into account such obvious options as silk, wool, or genuine leather.

Embroidered shirts

Machine washing is too rough for embroidery. Yes, the embroidery can withstand a certain number of cycles in the drum, but soon the threads will begin to fray and lead to further damage. Therefore, it is better to wash embroidered shirts carefully by hand. The same applies to clothes that are richly decorated with storks, rhinestones, beads, stones, etc.

Swimwear and thermal underwear

As a rule, such clothes contain high-tech fibers that help them keep their shape. During machine washing, especially during the spin cycle, these fibers can stretch, deform, and even tear, which destroys the functionality of the garment. Therefore, experts advise washing swimwear and thermal underwear by hand or at least in a special mode without spinning.

Suits and ties

Business suits and some accessories, such as ties, are made of high-quality fabrics that require delicate cleaning. They are deformed and destroyed in the washing machine drum. Even semi-synthetic suit fabrics do not tolerate such care. Machine washing can also destroy non-woven bands, shoulder straps, and other parts of the suit that help it keep its shape. Therefore, there can not be any exceptions: these clothes are cleaned only chemically.


The main task of this type of underwear is to provide proper support. To do this, designers come up with a complex cut of bras and choose high-quality materials for them. Machine washing easily deforms cups and straps, which damages the item irrevocably and turns a comfortable sconce into another instrument of torture. That's not to mention the lace, which can be easily damaged, and the hooks that can catch on other things and make holes in them. Therefore, experts recommend washing them by hand.

Items covered with pet hair

This is a risk of ruining not only the item itself but also the washing machine. Cat, dog, and other hair are washed off the fabric during washing, and the T-shirt or jeans will look clean afterward. But the hairs themselves, when wet, will stick to the parts of the mechanism. The presence of such "deposits" inside leads to the development of bacteria and mold, as well as creates mechanical blockages that can break the washer or clog pipes. Therefore, before you put the clothes in which you play with your pets in the machine, you need to clean them properly with a brush or sticky roller.

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