What things should be immediately thrown out of the closet: they only get in the way

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How to get rid of junk in a closet

Junk in the apartment not only clutters up the space, but also spoils the overall impression of the house. The accumulation of things that no one has used for a long time, but it's a shame to throw them away, can create the illusion of a dirty and untidy apartment.

Perhaps it's time to clean out the house of unnecessary things. It is best to start with the closet. How to free up space on the shelves and what can be thrown out without a doubt - read the article OBOZREVATEL.

Old clothes

If you keep clothes for all occasions, things probably fall out of your closet as soon as you open the door. Old, damaged, too big or too small things should be thrown out. Or give them to charity, if they are new and in good condition.

Old Socks

Keep old socks with holes in the heel is definitely not worth it. In all likelihood, you have long ago bought and used new ones. Keeping socks without a pair for a long time does not make sense either. From such junk should be disposed of.

Bedding and towels

We don't recommend throwing away bedding and towels right away. But they usually take up too much space in the closet. Simply move them to a sturdy dresser in the bedroom or a drawer under the bed designed specifically for linens and bedspreads.


Shoes should not be stored in a common closet. There is room for them on shoe shelves, which can be put in the hallway. Seasonal shoes, which will be needed in about six months, it is better to hide them in the pantry.


Christmas garlands and toys, Easter decorative bunnies and other cute holiday attributes, experts do not advise storing them next to your clothes in the closet. Given that such decorations are usually used once a year, they can be stored in the pantry or in the attic. And broken toys and souvenirs should be thrown away immediately.

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