What things in the house cannot be cleaned with detergent: not all housewives know

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What things should not be cleaned with detergent

Housewives often use dishwashing detergent to clean various surfaces from grease stains and stubborn dirt, believing that it will not damage the material. But despite the "safe" composition of the mixture, you should avoid washing certain things.

OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of items in the house that should not be cleaned with this product. It is better to use special chemical solutions or mixtures of natural ingredients.


Although dishwashing detergent effectively removes stains and dirt, it can also be absorbed into the material, creating a sticky surface, even after thorough washing with water. This area will become a magnet for dust, dirt, and debris. It is better to choose special solutions designed for soft fabrics.


Ignore life hacks for washing clothes with this product. It can not only damage the fabric, but also affect its color. A large amount of foam will form a film on the surface, which will spoil the appearance.

If you want to remove a greasy stain, apply a small amount of the product and then wash thoroughly by hand or in a machine with the appropriate mode.

Leather furniture

Dish soap can cause leather furniture or other products to dry out. Use special products to restore shine and remove dirt.


Dishwashing detergent creates a layer of soap scum on glass surfaces and mirrors, attracting dirt, dust, and streaks. Use products with ammonia to remove stains and dirt from the area in question.

Clothing made of water-repellent fabrics

Avoid washing jackets or suits that are made of materials that repel liquids. Dishwashing detergent can damage the surface and the garment will lose its properties.

Wooden floors and furniture

Using dishwashing detergent on hardwood floors or furniture can damage the protective coating. This will lead to scratches and stains.

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