What things are categorically unsuitable for the bedroom: they will ruin your sleep

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Good sleep requires maximum relaxation and comfort

A good night's sleep is the key to physical and mental health. Doctors of various specialties keep telling us this. And we continue to look for ways to get the best sleep possible - buying orthopedic mattresses, using sleep trackers, eating foods that make it easier to fall asleep, and so on. But ordinary objects in your bedroom can also interfere with your sleep.

OBOZREVATEL has found out what things do not allow you to get a good night's sleep. And what exactly is wrong with them?


Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. have already become an extension of ourselves. The screen is often the last thing we see before going to bed, and the first thing we look at when we wake up. And this is a huge mistake. Psychologists say that a bed should be associated with only two things: sleep and sex. Then, when we lie down in it, we will automatically set our body up for rest. If you read the news, watch movies, or play video games in bed, this connection will be broken. Ideally, there should be no gadgets in the bedroom at all.

Light indicators

In addition to taking up a lot of attention, gadgets are also equipped with a lot of light indicators. Flashing notifications, a light that shows the charge, a power indicator - they all seem to shine so faintly that they can't interfere with your sleep. In fact, they can't. Even a weak light source can affect the production of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for falling asleep. If you can't take away all the devices that flash their lights at you, at least cover the light sources.

Thin curtains

Curtains that are not thick enough create the same problem. In the evening, they let in the light of street lamps from the street, and in the morning they do not block the sun's rays. The ideal choice for those who do not sleep well is blackout curtains, which completely block the light. People who switch to them often notice that they sleep several hours longer.

Noisy things

The ticking of a clock, the humming of a computer or refrigerator, the dripping of water, and the hissing of an air conditioner do not help you fall asleep. These noises are especially bad for people with high levels of anxiety. Attempts to abstract them tend to make things worse. Therefore, there can be nothing noisy in the bedroom.

Bedding made of silk or synthetics

Synthetic fibers do not allow the body to breathe. In summer, such sheets are hot, in winter they do not warm. If the fabric also has a beautiful shiny satin surface, the bed becomes slippery. You will also have to slide on natural silk. Therefore, the ideal choice for bedding is cotton or linen.

Uncomfortable clothes for sleeping

Tight elastic bands, thick seams, things that are too wide and bulge when you turn in bed, and even just unpleasant fabric to the touch - all this can create additional discomfort during rest and disrupt sleep. That's why you should choose pajamas or nightgowns that don't feel like a second skin on your body at all. For some people, sleeping without any clothes at all may be suitable. The main rule is that you should be as comfortable as possible in bed.


Of course, we often want to look at people we love, even if it's just a photo. But portraits should be placed so that they are not visible from the bed at all. The thing is that we are evolutionarily wired to focus our attention when we see images of faces, especially eyes. This is how our brain tries to avoid the potential danger posed by a stranger looking at us intently, even if that stranger is a picture of your mom in a cute frame. So say no to portraits in your sleeping area.

Bright objects

Bright objects in the bedroom have a similarly stimulating effect on the human brain. In nature, acidic shades very often mean danger. For example, they signal that an animal or plant is poisonous. That's why we try not to let such colors out of our sight. So it's better to decorate the bedroom in neutral and pastel colors, so it doesn't interfere with sleep.

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