What the Year of the Dragon will bring to all zodiac signs: Chinese horoscope for 2024

Horoscope for the Chinese New Year

February 10 marks the beginning of the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon in the Eastern calendar. In Eastern mythology, this creature represents strength, ambition, courage, and endurance. The main advice applies to all signs: since the Dragon is also a symbol of wisdom, we should be kind and compassionate to each other.

The Chinese Dragon has long been associated with the nobility, and in many dynasties the emperor used it as a symbol of power on flags or emblems. Astrologers say that the symbol of the year will give some signs a lot of luck and promote wealth and prosperity.


In the Eastern tradition, Rats get along well with Dragons, which means that the symbol of the year will bring prosperity and many joyful moments. The year will be especially successful in the career sphere as you will be able to get a new position with a high salary. In your personal life, misunderstandings are likely, so you should show respect and patience.


You are not used to impulsive decisions. By giving preference to careful thought and assessing the slightest risks, you are slowly but steadily moving towards success. The Year of the Dragon will be full of surprises and will bring significant progress in your work. You will receive significant financial income. Peace and tranquility will reign at home if you manage to find a balance between work and family responsibilities.


This could be a competitive year in the workplace. Thus, you'll have to work hard to succeed. You will be able to build up a financial cushion. Take time to analyze your friendships and relationships. You don't need unnecessary pressure, and jealousy only spoils trust.


Not very pleasant news for Rabbits: Dragon will not be very loyal to you. This is not the best year for communication, career advancement, or fateful decisions in personal relationships. However, you will have the perfect opportunity to find peace and focus on inner harmony. It may be worth devoting time to creativity.


Your finest hour is ahead. Fame and fortune, as well as success and recognition await you. Although you may encounter a few obstacles on the way to your desires, this year is generally favorable for marriages, planning for new additions to the family, and new ventures.


You are naturally flexible and resourceful, and the wisdom of the Dragon will help you through difficult periods. The era of challenges and changes is ahead. With patience and ambition in the workplace, you can find a way to new successes in a changing world. In dealing with your loved ones, astrologers advise you to be accommodating and respect the point of view of your partner and children.


The Dragon will bring energy, inspiration, and many prospects. Career growth awaits you. Be resilient and adaptable to change. From time to time, you may experience health problems, but in general, astrologers say it will be a year of positive and prosperity.


The year will be like a roller coaster. Periods of emotional uplift will alternate with depressive states. Astrologers advise you to be more cautious with investments and keep an eye on your finances. When the situation changes, you will have a number of opportunities to increase your income. The support of your friends and family will help you through these ups and downs.


In the Eastern tradition, the Monkey gets along well with the Dragon, so the symbol of the year sends favorable signals to representatives of this sign. In general, the year will be successful in the career field, but you will have to actively demonstrate your skills and talents. Relationships will be harmonious and stable. The stars advise you to find time for self-development and possibly learn new skills.


Naturally brave and conscientious, you often make impulsive decisions. Sometimes you need to be more careful and not repeat the same mistakes several times. Now is not the time to take big financial risks. However, with careful investment, everything will be fine.


The New Year will be full of ups and downs. Patience and dedication are the qualities that will help you succeed throughout the year, which may even lead to increased financial prosperity. Relationships will be tense. Sincere conversations will promote mutual understanding, but your partner may not want to compromise on issues that are important to you.


Astrologers say that Pig is one of the luckiest signs in the Eastern tradition. Being naturally friendly and sociable, you are always ready to help and show mercy. There will be many reasons to celebrate in the new year. The main thing is to stay true to yourself and not to miss promising opportunities.

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