What signs are waiting for new opportunities: horoscope until January 13

The coming days will be challenging, but they will offer great prospects

From an astrological point of view, this week will be difficult. Mercury in Sagittarius is in opposition to Neptune, and this can lead to distorted thinking. Instead of considering worst-case scenarios, give yourself time to think. And don't take others' word for it.

Astrologers told us what the transits of the week will bring to each individual zodiac sign. Find out what they said about your forecast.


You may be planning to make your dream come true - it could be a trip or saving for a big goal. This week you may receive an unexpected income that you should use for this purpose. Expect some unexpected confessions or news as well.


Now you can use the power of visualization. Draw a picture of your big goal to help you better plan the steps to achieve it. Moreover, the heavenly energies are now favoring changes in your life. Cultivate your confidence and you will succeed.


Your imagination gives you vivid emotions. This way you can see your romantic partner in a new light and fall in love with them in a new way. Your intuition is at its peak right now. Listen to its clues to understand how to strengthen your relationship. And it's not just about love, but also about friendship and working together.


You need rest, and you know it. Add some physical activity to your routine. It will help you to relieve your mind and improve your well-being. You don't have to join a gym, just walk more outdoors. The week may bring you an unexpected meeting with someone important to you.


You may be dazzled by someone's wit and charm so much that you just can't get them out of your head. Try to indulge in romance. But don't plan anything specific. It's important to stay open and flexible now. Go with the flow, and it will take you to the right shores.


Your plans, especially for your family, could be ruined. And at the last moment. Don't be upset. Spend your free time solving an intellectual problem that has been bothering you for a long time. You may find it unexpectedly easy to solve a problem that has been bothering you.


Now is a good time for creativity and a bad time for paperwork. So don't try to deal with bills and documents - you can only increase the chaos. An unexpected guest may visit you in the coming days. It could be your ex-lover. Try to keep your emotions under control.


You want to deal with financial matters, but the numbers will not be very good for you now. It may seem like you don't have enough money, or that you have more than you actually do. Don't rush into any major purchases or expenses just yet. This week, socialize with influential and reputable people. This could lead to an interesting collaboration.


You radiate confidence and charisma and can attract a lot of attention by showing off your talents. Now is a good time to make yourself known to the world. There's a chance you'll get some extra income you didn't expect. Spend it on something nice.


You hear messages from the universe clearly, so turn to the spiritual. Learn to meditate or listen to your intuition. An authoritative person may compliment you. Listen to their words, they will praise you deservedly, and this may indicate the direction of further movement in life.


Charity will be a good activity for you this week. Especially if you help strangers. Take a closer look at the people who will be next to you. They can tell you a lot about where you are in your life right now. If you've been wanting to find a mentor for a long time, now is the time.


People see you the way you want them to see you. So show them your best side. Don't be shy about showing up. You may have thought you needed more space and freedom when asked to lead a project. Take a risk and don't dwell on the negative. Your chances of success are very high now.

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