What should you use to clean a stretch ceiling to avoid damage and streaks

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How to properly clean stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are stylish, beautiful, and comfortable, as long as you don't have to wash them. Over time, dust, dirt, and even grease stains appear on the perfect coating. It is important to know that stretch ceilings are necessarily treated with antibacterial and antistatic impregnations, which, if not cleaned in time, lose their protective properties.

The ceilings can be washed and even vacuumed. If you use a vacuum cleaner, choose medium power and a brush with soft bristles. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to properly clean stretch ceilings.

How often do you need to wash the ceilings

Of course, it all depends on the room. In the kitchen, where something is always steaming and cooking, stains on the ceiling will appear faster than in the bedroom. Therefore, experts advise washing kitchen ceilings at least once every 2-3 months.

Other rooms are easier; once every six months is enough.

Ceilings should be washed with special products. As an alternative, you can use a soap solution, powder, dish or glass cleaner. Before washing the entire ceiling, test the chosen option on a small surface. Sometimes yellowing may appear.

How to clean glossy ceilings

Even the smallest stains will be immediately visible on a glossy ceiling. Clean the mirror surface with careful circular motions. After the main wash, be sure to wipe the surface with a solution of 10% ammonia - this will significantly reduce stains. And then polish it with a dry cloth.

How to wash matte stretch ceilings

It is better not to install such ceilings in the kitchen; otherwise, there will be problems with washing. It is difficult to clean greasy stains from matte ceilings without the help of specialists. But stains are not visible on them, so an ordinary soap solution is suitable for washing. Pour warm water into a bowl and add your favorite detergent. The ceiling will be clean in a few minutes.

How to wash fabric ceilings

Usually, fabric ceilings are treated with waterproof impregnation. Therefore, there is no point in wet cleaning them. Take a soft brush and carefully move along the surface without pressing. Remember, such ceilings are very delicate and fragile.

How to clean soot

Remember, it is better not to treat matte and fabric ceilings in this way. For glossy surfaces, make a soapy solution, treat the stains with it, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wipe with a wet sponge or cloth. Polish the top with a dry cloth.

Basic rules for cleaning a stretch ceiling

Avoid using caustic solutions containing abrasive particles and acetone.

Do not press or rub the delicate surface. If the stains are very old, contact a cleaning company that has special products in its arsenal. If you try to clean heavy stains yourself, you may damage the structure.

Do not delay washing. A new stain is much easier to clean. As soon as you notice dirt, start cleaning.

At the joints, wash only with longitudinal movements in the direction of the seam.

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