What porridges should not be given to dogs: they cause serious diseases

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What not to feed your dog

When choosing a diet for your pet, keep in mind that not all foods that are good for humans will be as good for dogs. Porridge, for example, should not be the basis of the diet.

Small amounts of porridge can be added to main dishes like meat or vegetables. But some kinds of porridge can even harm the animal. They cause allergies or serious diseases. The network explained what porridges should not be given to dogs.

Pearl porridge

Pearl porridge is good for humans because it contains a lot of fiber and protein. However, it can lead to allergies in dogs. It is poorly digested, so the pet may have digestive problems.

Corn porridge

Dogs hardly digest corn gruel. If the pet is fed this gruel frequently, the pet may have problems with bowel obstruction. In addition, gastrointestinal diseases will worsen. Corn porridge also causes allergies.

Legume porridge

It is best not to feed dogs legumes at all. They are poorly digested and lead to intestinal problems.

Millet porridge

Millet porridge is hard for dogs to digest. The animal may suffer from gastrointestinal congestion. Even in small quantities, it should not be added to the diet.

Semolina porridge

As you know, the composition of semolina is high in carbohydrates. It can be eaten by dogs with stomach problems, as it is easily digested. However, if possible, it is better not to feed it to healthy dogs.

The best option for dogs would be buckwheat porridge. It is a source of vitamins and healthy minerals.

Rice porridge can be given to dogs and contains calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium. However, sometimes dogs have intestinal problems from too much rice.

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