What plants are best to decorate the yard: bloom lushly and regularly

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What flowers to decorate your yard with

Flowerbeds can be planted for more than just aesthetic appeal. Some plants, such as marigolds or lavender, can repel mosquitoes. And calendula can help in the fight against Colorado potato beetles.

Before planting flowers, pay attention to light levels. Certain plants need direct sunlight for healthy development, others like shade and high humidity. An important factor is the type of soil: some flowers need only black soil, while less fastidious ones can also grow on light and loose types. What kind of plants are better to plant in the yard - read in the article OBOZREVATEL.


There are more than 500 species of asters. They are perennials that, depending on the variety, grow throughout the warm period of the year - from May to November. So even with the beginning of the autumn cold weather, the bed will look bright.

There are three options for flower propagation:

  • by seedlings from seeds
  • bush division
  • cuttings.

Asters bloom quickly and grow quite densely. A non-acidic type of soil will suit them.


Phloxes are very popular flowers with a variety of shades, sizes and shapes. It is an unpretentious plant that blooms in all types of soil and loves sunlight.

Phloxes come in:

  • groundcover,
  • spring flowering
  • summer
  • shrubs.

Phloxes are best planted in groups. But they should not be planted under trees or on slopes.


Yarrow is a medicinal plant that blooms with white flowers. Scientists have developed ornamental varieties of yarrow. It grows everywhere, even on rocky surfaces. Yarrow will bloom for a very long time - from early spring to September. It withstands summer heat, drought and the first frosts.


Lavender is an insect repellent against mosquitoes, flies and moths because the insects cannot stand its smell. This is why it is recommended to plant it in flowerbeds near entrances to houses and near windows. Lavender likes sunshine and will flower in favourable conditions until October.


Ukrainians like to plant petunia in pots on balconies, porches or terraces. But no less beautiful and appropriate it will look in the bed and garden. Plant the petunia only when the frost is over. It needs warmth.

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