What not to feed roses: You won't see flowers in summer

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Incorrect fertilization can prevent a rose from blooming well

Rose blossoms are an indispensable sign of summer. However, every flower lover wants his bush to bloom more lushly than others. Fertilizing the plant can help. But sometimes it happens that after fertilizing, the flower feels even worse than before. This is evidence of a mistake in care.

OBOZREVATEL tells what to avoid when fertilizing roses. And what fertilizers and how to apply them, so that the plant feels better and blooms more lushly.

Common mistakes when fertilizing roses

The use of fresh manure. Freshly collected manure, particularly bird manure, is not good for caring for roses. When fresh, it contains many nutrients and can burn the root system of the flower. That is why fresh manure should not be fed to it. This organic fertilizer must sit for about a year before it can be applied to the garden.

Using phosphate fertilizer without potassium. Roses love phosphorus fertilizer and respond well to it. It can be applied throughout the season. But it is a mistake to use phosphorus alone without potassium. It is in tandem that these substances help the flower to produce more buds.

Excess nitrogen. Another substance that helps the rose bloom lushly is nitrogen. Therefore, some growers generously treat flower bushes with it in the spring. The first warmth is the right time to apply nitrogen fertiliser, but you must have a sense of proportion because too much nitrogen slows down the rose buds. Also, the substance should not be applied in autumn, because it can reduce the winter hardiness of flowers.

Which fertilisers are good for roses?

A good option for organic fertilizer would be an infusion of weeds. After weeding unwanted plants on the site, green mass of about 300-350 grams should be crushed and put in a bucket. Add 2 tablespoons of soda ash and fill everything with water. Within about two weeks, the fertilizer should ferment, after which it must be filtered and diluted with water in the proportion 3:10. This water is made foliar feeding, that is sprayed on bushes.

Roses respond well to wood ash - it contains a lot of phosphorus and potassium, they need to flower. The dry mass is simply poured under the bush and gently dug in so that the ash is mixed with the soil. For one plant, 200-300 g of ash will be enough. It should be applied before the beginning of flowering.

You can also prepare a spray from ash, which will protect the rose from fungus. To do this, it must be mixed with water in a ratio of 1:2 and leave for about 2-3 days. strained liquid is sprayed bushes. It can also be poured under the root of the plant.

If you plan to feed the rose manure, you need to take overdistilled and infuse it with water. Chicken manure is diluted in the proportion 1:20, and cow manure 1:10. The liquid should be infused in the air for 7-10 days, and then water the bushes with it.

How to fertilize roses properly

There are two main methods of fertilizing - root and foliar. The first is to water the plant with a nutrient solution or to apply dry fertilizer to the soil right at its roots. The second is spraying, because through the leaves and stems, plants also get a lot of nutrition.

To fertilize the rose by the root method, you need to make a small hole at a distance of 15 cm from the stem and fill it with fresh soil mixed with fertilizer, and then cover with the usual soil for the plant and water. Some of the substances will dissolve immediately, the rest will be dissolved by the rains and the flower will gradually absorb them. You can also water the rose under the root with a solution of fertilizer.

If the soil for the rose itself is good, then it is better to nourish it foliarly - by spraying. It is better to do this at sunset, then the liquid will not evaporate in the sun, but has time to penetrate through the leaves.

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