What not to do with hair to avoid bringing bad luck: omens

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The most popular omens about hair

It has long been believed that hair should be treated with care because it accumulates vitality and retains appropriate energy. The sweet tradition of hiding the first cut lock of a baby's hair in an envelope had a hidden meaning - according to beliefs, a mother should keep it as a talisman for her child.

Our ancestors used to say that curly-haired girls had a lucky destiny, so they were not advised to straighten their hair often to avoid losing their luck. Read about what you shouldn't do with your hair and why it's not recommended to give others your comb in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Signs about cutting hair

One of the most common superstitions warns wives not to cut their husbands' hair, as this can bring difficulties and conflicts to the family. Bioenergy experts say that hair accumulates energy. When the ends are cut by a loved one, the bioenergy fields may come into conflict.

It was also not recommended to cut your bangs, as it would bring illness and misfortune. The most radical version of the belief suggests that this could even shorten your life expectancy.

It was advised against throwing cut hair into the water, as it would take away happiness and destiny. There is also a version that if you throw your hair to the wind, it will bring you a headache, and if you bury it in the ground, it will bring you illness. Superstitious people believe that sorcerers and magicians can read the cause in the hair.

You should have a friendly or at least a neutral relationship with your hairdresser. You shouldn't let a person you don't like cut your hair - it will also affect your energy and well-being.

Signs about washing hair and combs

Pupils and students, according to a sign, should not cut or wash their hair before exams - this can bring bad luck and make them forget what they have learned.

If you want to get rid of unpleasant emotions and say goodbye to the past, cut your hair. Bioenergetics say that this way the energy field will be renewed, and you can start a new life with renewed vigor. No wonder so many girls decide to make radical changes after breaking up with a partner and getting a bob.

A comb should be a personal item. You can't give someone else your comb - it can lead to illness. It's also a way to give someone else your good luck.

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