What kind of pet is better for children: who won't hurt

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What animal to buy for a child

Kids often ask for a pet - a cat, dog, hamster or parrot. Parents are faced with a choice - which pet to choose for the family so that the child develops a sense of responsibility.

Many factors need to be taken into account: the child's wishes, the type of room where the family lives, the amount of free time parents have, the presence of allergic reactions, etc. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out which animal is better to buy for your child.


Active, sociable and restless dogs will become the favourites of the whole family. Of course, not all breeds can live comfortably in city apartments. Large dogs, such as St Bernards, Mastiffs or Huskies, need space. In addition, experts do not advise keeping dogs of fighting breeds, such as Canary Dogs, American Pit Bulls, and Neapolitan Mastiffs in apartments.

Labradors, pugs, French bulldogs, Jack Russells, corgis, and bichons will feel great in apartments. But Pekingese, according to dog experts, are very jealous and can be hostile to children.

The dog should be brought up properly from childhood. In addition, the dog needs walking and training. It will be difficult for children to fully take over the process of caring for a dog, so adults should be prepared to take on certain responsibilities as well.


Cats are less demanding to care for and more lazy. An adult cat can spend most of the day resting in a comfortable place.

Not all cats get along well with children; some do not like to be touched too much. Therefore, families with very young children are not advised to get cats.

It should also be noted that cats can carry parasites, worms and intestinal infections.

Hamsters, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs

These are small and unpretentious animals that are easy to care for. A hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, mouse, or rabbit is an ideal option for children of primary and secondary school age.

Compared to cats and dogs, they require less attention and care. You just need to feed them, clean their cage, and play with them gently - that's all.

Rodents live for 4-8 years, so kids will have to face the pain of losing a pet.

Fish and turtles

Aquarium animals are also a great option for children. According to research, fish have a calming effect. Adults will have to clean the aquarium, but children can feed their pets.

You should be careful with turtles - they can bite. But when they get used to the owner, they allow you to stroke the shell and start eating from your hands.


Parrots are very sociable and require attention. There is a nuance - they can be too loud. Experts say that you should not put a mirror in a parrot's cage, otherwise it can go crazy.

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