What indoor plants will take root in any home: a list

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Syngonium, Aglaonema and Kalanchoe will fill your home with colour and will not require complicated care.

Whatever the conditions in your home, indoor plants will decorate it, fill it with cosiness and even cleanse it of odours and harmful substances. Growing them can be a great hobby that brings a lot of pleasure. But what if you want to have your own home garden, but you don't have the heart for careful maintenance? To do this, use the list of unpretentious indoor plants that are suitable for almost any conditions.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled such a list. Here's how to decorate your home, even if it's not very bright and spacious.


This succulent is as unpretentious in care as cacti, but it has one huge advantage over them. It blooms for a long time and profusely. The flowers can be red, yellow, pink, white or orange. The plant does not need direct sun - the main thing is that it has free access to diffused daylight. And if you forget to water your Kalanchoe from time to time, it won't be a big deal.

Ficus elastica

In principle, you can choose any ficus from those grown at home to suit your taste - Benjamin ficus, conki, moklame or liridium. All of them are quite easy to care for. But Ficus elastica, also known as Ficus robusta, will not take up much space. It feels great in partial shade and will survive if you forget to water it once. But do not forget to wipe its leaves from dust with a damp cloth from time to time.

Fragrant dracaena

The great advantage of this plant is that it does not like frequent watering - it can even kill it. Therefore, it is a good choice for forgetful gardeners. It is better to water this type of dracaena rarely, but abundantly - 1-2 times a month in winter and about once every 10-15 days in summer. The plant will feel good even in a fairly dark room, but in this case, its wide leaves will be somewhat duller. Scented dracaena can grow quite tall and is suitable for growing on the floor.


This is a good choice for those who do not forget to water their flowers but want an easy-to-care for flowering plant. Geraniums bloom beautifully and have an interesting aroma. This is due, among other things, to its antimicrobial properties and ability to repel insects. Give geraniums good drainage and water them every few days and they will thrive on your windowsill.



This champion of unpretentiousness can grow into a very decent bush even with little care. At the same time, it can be placed even in the most shaded corner of the room and periodically forget to water it. The succulent is even better when watering is skipped than when too much water is poured. Sometimes Zamioculcas can surprise a diligent owner with flowering. But even without flowers, it looks great due to its thick, stiff, beautifully shaped leaves.


Do you like quick results with minimal effort? Then this is your option. Epipremnum can be watered once every 10-12 days, and during the active growing season, it will still produce a new leaf about every two weeks - visible changes will be almost daily. This vine can grow by a metre in a year. It is better to plant several shoots in one pot at once, then they will give a beautiful mass of heart-shaped leaves. Epipremnum is also easy to propagate - just cut off a cutting with an aerial root and put it in water. Soon it will be ready for planting in the ground, and a young bud will appear on the old plant, and it will continue its rapid growth.


A herbaceous plant with beautiful spotted leaves is very unpretentious to the conditions of detention. It will take root well in a semi-dark room, especially for species with green leaves. To maintain the beauty of species with variegated ornaments, you will still need a little more diffused light. In this case, you can even wait for the plant to bloom. Don't forget to water it regularly and spray it if possible. Aglaonema does not grow very large, so it is good for decorating even small rooms.


The foliage of this plant has an unusual triangular shape and beautiful light veins, so it is a truly luxurious home decoration. At the same time, the plant does not require bright light to maintain its colour, so a semi-shaded place will be quite acceptable for it. Syngonium can be grown on a support so that the leaves gather in an upright bush, or you can let it drop down by planting the plant in a hanging planter. However, it will have to be watered quite regularly.

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