What habits "steal" youth: aging will accelerate many times over

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The right drinks can help maintain healthy skin

It's no secret that youthful skin can be maintained from the inside out by consuming enough fluids. But nutritionists warn that not every drink is suitable for everyday consumption. That's why it's important to know what habits steal your youth when it comes to drinking.

Eat This, Not That interviewed nutritionists and compiled a list of six bad habits. They will significantly accelerate skin aging.

You don't add fibre to nutritious drinks

Natural juice is considered a good choice for maintaining health because it contains many vitamins and nutrients. But one important component is removed from it during the squeezing process. And this is fibre. Consuming enough fibre is important in the process of slowing down aging - it reduces the risk of age-related diseases and reduces the number of inflammatory and stress markers in the body. That's why smoothies made from whole fruits, vegetables and berries are the best alternative to fresh juices. This drink will contain everything the juice does plus a lot of fibre. You can also improve its taste with milk - animal or vegetable - and add various tasty ingredients to the cocktail.

You don't drink enough water

Water is the main solvent needed for all healthy activities in the body. Including the process of skin regeneration. Lack of water disrupts this balance. And chronic dehydration accelerates aging and contributes to the development of chronic diseases. That's why plain, clean water is the best drink to keep you young. The top 3 also includes unsweetened tea and coffee.

You consume too many sugary fizzy drinks

Carbon dioxide itself is not very harmful, but the sugar added to sweet fizzy drinks is a big risk factor. It leads to weight gain and stimulates the production of bad cholesterol, which provokes the development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Moreover, excessive sugar consumption contributes to the accelerated aging of body cells. It can also trigger the development of autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. If you're craving fizz, it's better to drink sparkling mineral water or add a little freshly squeezed juice to it.

You prefer packaged juices

Like fizzy drinks, packaged juices contain a lot of added sugar. It works as a preservative and provides a pleasant taste. The American Association for Cancer Research conducted a study of packaged juice consumption and concluded that people who consumed two or more glasses of such a drink per day had a higher risk of premature aging than those who drank only one such juice per week. Nutritionists advise fans of such drinks to replace them with homemade lemonades.

You rely on artificial sweeteners

A good alternative to a regular fizzy drink may seem like its dietary counterpart made with artificial sweeteners that don't contain calories. But studies show that those who prefer this alternative not only fail to lose weight, but often even go overboard on calories. In addition, animal studies have shown that artificial sweeteners can negatively affect the microbiome in the gut, which provokes various digestive and absorption disorders. This also has a negative impact on skin health.

You drink alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption has a very distinctive effect on your appearance, and not in a good way. In addition, intoxication leads to falls and fractures, which can have more devastating consequences with age. Doctors also associate alcohol with the development of certain types of cancer, liver disease, and the leaching of calcium from bones, which accelerates the development of osteoporosis in women and exacerbates the problem of diabetes and high blood pressure. All of this does not help preserve youth.

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