What flowers should not be planted on the grave: totally not suitable for the cemetery

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Restraint and modesty are the main criteria for choosing flowers for graves

With the onset of warm weather, we begin to tidy up not only our gardens and vegetable gardens but also the graves of our loved ones. Planting flowers at a burial site is a very old tradition, but people believe that not all plants are suitable for this.

OBOZ.UA inquired about the traditions regarding flowers appropriate for cemeteries. The main rule is to avoid too bright and colorful buds and give preference to simple and restrained colors, such as dark red, pale pink, yellow, blue, and white. Also, do not choose flowers with a pronounced aroma. And you shouldn't plant large flowering shrubs that take up a lot of space and climbing plants that quickly cover the ground.

So, hydrangeas, peonies, spray roses, sunflowers, lilies of the valley, lilies of the valley, petunias, etc. are definitely not suitable for a cemetery. Instead, you can choose something from the list below.


Low bushes do not require much care and bloom magnificently from summer to late autumn. The rich but moderately bright colors of marigolds are suitable for decorating graves. In addition, they are a symbolic amulet for the soul of the deceased, so they are considered a good choice for planting in a cemetery.


Dwarf varieties of chrysanthemums will be very appropriate at the burial site because they symbolize memory. They can be grown both outdoors and in special decorative vases. It is also a fairly unpretentious plant. Chrysanthemums bloom in late summer and autumn.


This early spring flower looks restrained and elegant. Primrose is not too picky about lighting and soil quality, so it will take root well on the grave.


Carnations are associated with memory and grief. In addition, they are very hardy and tolerate prolonged lack of watering. You can grow the squat varieties in containers or outdoors - they take root well and continue to bloom all summer long.

Stone rose

This succulent, also known as a youngster, is the most hardy of all the species you can choose for a cemetery. It quickly covers the ground with a carpet of rosettes of fleshy evergreen leaves and is very undemanding to the soil. However, you will have to weed the young growth several times a year, because it spreads very quickly on the ground. For its qualities, the plant has become a symbol of eternal life and memory.


A symbol of loyalty and devotion, violets can also successfully decorate the burial place of a loved one. However, it is worth choosing moderately bright varieties, for example, with monochromatic flowers.

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