What flowers can not be put on the same windowsill: not everyone knows this

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Not all houseplants can get along well together

Growing an indoor garden on a windowsill also has a lot of its own nuances. Plants need to be protected from pests and diseases because once they get on one, they can infect almost the entire collection, making treatment difficult and lengthy. That's why you need to keep species that suffer from the same infections separately.

OBOZ.UA has gathered some tips on which plants are better not to keep next to each other. They are most likely to be infected at the same time.

Spathiphyllum and anthurium

These two plants even look almost identical and bloom very similarly as they are so closely related. If one picks up a mealybug or fungus, the other will immediately get the disease. That's why they should be kept separate.

Euphorbia and any lilies

All types of euphorbia - from flowering spurge to Christmas cactus - are highly toxic. You need to wear gloves to care for them and keep them away from children, pets, and any lilies (hippeastrum and amaryllis). They are too delicate for such a neighborhood.

Fern and flowering plants

The flowering of amaryllis and spathiphyllums or violets or orchids has a bad effect on ferns. They grow more slowly and produce less lush foliage. This is because flowering species need bright, albeit indirect, sunlight, while ferns like more shaded corners. Therefore, they need to be kept separate due to their different environmental requirements.

Violet and hyacinth

Indoor hyacinths smell wonderful and bloom extremely beautifully. To bloom, it needs a lot of sunlight and prolonged exposure to it. This is where it comes into conflict with the violet. It needs shade as the sun's rays burn its sensitive leaves.

Orchid and roses or citrus fruits

In general, flower growers advise growing orchids separately from any other flowers. They do not tolerate any neighborhood and grow better next to their own kind. They can easily catch spider mites from roses and citrus trees.

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