What dogs never shed: breeds and photos

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Scotch terriers, Shih Tzus, and Maltese dog, despite their fluffiness, do not shed much.

Cat owners often believe that a dog in the house does not cause as many problems with the coat as a purr. And this is usually a mistake, because dogs shed even more intensively. However, there are breeds that really do not leave hair on the floor, furniture, and people.

OBOZREVATEL has collected five such breeds. If they do make a mess in the house, it's definitely not because of their hair.



These dogs shed so imperceptibly that they are even considered to be the most hypoallergenic breed. The hairs that fall off the poodle get stuck in its curly coat, and you just need to comb it out from time to time or take it to the groomer to get rid of them.

Scotch Terrier


The black-haired beauties are famous for their stiff coat, which is trimmed in a special way, leaving long hairs on the face, sides and belly, which gives the Scotties a very recognisable look. Like poodles, they need help getting rid of dead hair - it hardly ever falls off on its own.

Yorkshire Terrier


The long, soft coat of these babies has no undercoat, so it practically does not shed. However, Yorkies require careful care of their "hair" - they need to be combed daily, bathed on time and trimmed regularly, because their coat is similar to human hair, it has no limited length and is constantly growing.

Shih Tzu


Despite the fact that these babies are compared to indoor lions for their fluffiness, if they are in good health, they hardly ever leave hair around the apartment. It is especially important to provide the Shih Tzu with proper nutrition so that its coat is healthy and does not fall out excessively.

Maltese dog


These "blondes" do not have an undercoat, they are very soft to the touch and their coat can be grown down to the floor. But in this case, you will have to take care of it very carefully. Maltese are also cut short. In any case, a little daily brushing will help to cope with the small amount of hair that such a dog loses.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about dog breeds that will have to be cut frequently.

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