What dogs don't like kids: aggressive breeds

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What dogs don't like kids: aggressive breeds

Children often ask for a four-legged pet that will become a true friend and family member. However, keep in mind that not all dogs like to play with babies, some may even be aggressive.

When choosing a breed, note that some dogs do not respond well to touch and tenderness. They do not tolerate being stroked and cuddled, not to mention other children's pranks and games. According to cynologists, a well-mannered and adequate dog will not harm family members. But you should also consider the peculiarities of the dog's innate character. What dogs can be aggressive to children - read in the article OBOZREVATEL.

Akita-inu and Shiba-inu

These dogs are generally well-trained. They can quickly understand that a child is a member of the family and should not be touched. However, this awareness usually does not extend to outside children. Danger can lurk from visiting neighborhood kids and your children's friends. Akita and Shiba Inu do not like strangers in their home. They also do not get along well with other pets.


Dalmatians have a hard time with socialization. They are active, fidgety dogs who usually do not obey commands. They are difficult to train and difficult to raise. Their behavior is hard to control.


Alabais love to dominate. They are obedient and easy to learn commands, but they certainly won't enjoy playing with children. Alabais choose one master and listen only to him. They can be trained not to be aggressive toward children, but it will be difficult. An adult Alabai can easily knock a baby down without even noticing it.


Pekingese like to be the center of attention and do not tolerate competition. And they see small children as competitors. Pekingese are very jealous and demand respect. Their behavior with children is unpredictable. An irritated Pekingese can even bite, if the child starts hugging him, when the dog doesn't want it.


Chihuahuas are also jealous. They become attached to one owner and can bark and bite aggressively if a child comes near their father or mother and starts cuddling them.

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