What does the surname Rotaru mean and in which regions of Ukraine it is most common

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What does the surname Rotaru mean?

Surname Rotaru has a characteristic Romanian ending, but it cannot be called exclusively Romanian. It comes from the word "rotar," which is found in the dialects of the southwestern territories of Ukraine.

In addition to Sophia Rotaru, there are 322 other people in Ukraine with this surname, so it is not that rare. OBOZ.UA figured out what the surname Rotaru means and in what regions of Ukraine it is most common.

According to open information, most people with the surname Rotaru live in Chernivtsi and Odesa regions. It is most common in Bukovyna.

Rotaru comes from "rotar", which means a stelmach or a wheel. This surname is considered to be a professional surname, i.e., indicating the occupation of the ancestors.

The Rotaru surname is common in the following regions:

  • Odesa;
  • Reniiskyi district of the Odesa region;
  • Novoselytsia and Hertsaiv districts of the Chernivtsi region.

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