What does broken dishes mean and does it always bring bad luck?


The superstition of broken dishes is a deeply rooted belief that has been passed down from generation to generation. We have prepared for you a material that examines the origin, meaning, and evolution of this superstition over time.

There are several variants of the origin of the superstition about broken crockery in Ukrainian culture. According to one of the versions, it is associated with the belief in the spirits that live in the house. It was thought that broken crockery could bring bad luck and anger the spirits. According to another version, it had to do with the value of hospitality in Ukraine. To break a dish was considered a violation of hospitality and a show of disrespect for guests.

At its core, the superstition indicates that "accidents are not accidental," but have a deeper meaning and significance. It suggests that everything happens for a reason and that even seemingly insignificant events can have serious consequences.

Broken crockery is considered a bad omen

Broken dishes are thought to mean that there will be a quarrel or an argument in the family. Others believe it means that someone will soon receive unexpected news, good or bad. Another interpretation suggests that the person who broke the dish may have offended a person or spirit and must make amends to restore balance and harmony.

Although breaking a dish may seem like a minor inconvenience, many Ukrainians take this superstition seriously and believe that it can have serious consequences. It is often taken as a warning to be more careful and avoid possible conflicts.

However, for those who do not believe in this superstition, broken dishes are perceived simply as an unfortunate accident of little significance.

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