What colors attract mosquitoes and what not to wear

It turns out that mosquitoes can distinguish some colors at the level of waves.

Whether you've spent time in your garden, gone on vacation, or just gone for an evening stroll, you don't want to come home bitten by pests in the summer. At this time of year, mosquitoes are especially unpleasant because of the rain and high humidity. They are more biting now, but you can keep yourself safe from these pesky insects by not wearing certain colors of clothing.

According to Best Life Online, some studies show that mosquitoes react more to certain colors because they perceive light differently than humans.


A recent study from the University of Washington says that mosquitoes' ability to sense carbon dioxide (which is not available to humans) activates their visual perception. By perceiving certain substances, such as from human breath, they also begin to respond to certain colors and visual patterns associated with potential prey. Bright red combined with body odors (sweat, perfume) and breath becomes particularly noticeable to bloodsuckers.


Studies have shown that Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which carry certain viruses such as Zika virus, are attracted to the color blue. Being constantly in search of food, for some reason they prefer targets of this color. And they distinguish it even when the potential victim is on the move.


As it turns out, black clothing in the summer attracts not only additional heat, but is also able to attract mosquitoes. In the mode of sharper vision under the influence of substances, they distinguish it well at dusk, when they are at the very peak of their activity. Scientists clarify, in fact, these insects do not distinguish colors, they see contrasts in the light spectrum, and black creates more contrast and absorbs more heat, so it is attractive to them.


The attractiveness of red-orange colors to mosquitoes is due to the fact that these colors emit a long-wave signal similar to that of human skin, regardless of its color. Therefore, if you choose an orange-colored outfit, little bloodsuckers will start buzzing around you too.

As for other colors of clothing, studies have shown that green, purple, blue and white do not attract these insects. It is also recommended to wear pastel colors. Though in reality, many external factors affect whether mosquitoes will fly to you or not.

Hence the conclusion we can draw:

  • give preference to light colors of clothing;
  • avoid bright and saturated colors that may attract mosquitoes;
  • black color should be avoided as it can accumulate heat and attract insects;
  • instead of clothes with large colored prints, it is better to choose monochrome clothes;
  • it is preferable to use neutral perfumes.

So, apart from clothing, mosquitoes are also attracted to odors such as breath, sweat and certain perfumes. Therefore, apart from choosing colors, you should use repellents, cover the outer parts of your body and avoid using scented products in nature.

As previously reported by OBOZREVATEL, mosquitoes like the smell of perfume as much as humans. Therefore, when you use cosmetic products, you become more attractive to these insects.

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