What can you use to replace a candle in case of a blackout: unexpected options

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You can make a candle yourself from available materials

Long power outages this winter are a very likely scenario. Therefore, it is better to prepare for it in advance. Buy flashlights, rechargeable lamps, candles, and charge your power banks.

But if a blackout catches you by surprise, you should keep in mind how to create a light source like a candle from improvised objects. OBOZ.UA provides information on several such options.

A jar of canned food

Canned fish in oil can be used as a makeshift candle because their fat burns well. Make a small hole in the lid of the jar and thread a piece of thick cotton thread or jute longer than the height of the jar through it. This will act as a wick. The candle is ready. However, it may emit a specific odor while burning.

Wax pencils

These are humorously referred to as candles for the zombie apocalypse. To make a candle out of such a pencil, take a heat-resistant object that you don't mind damaging - it will serve as a stand. Melt the bottom of the pencil and place it on the stand, attaching it to the molten wax. Then melt the tip of the pencil until it drips onto the paper wrapper. When the wrapper ignites, the candle is ready. It will burn for about 30 minutes.

Edible wax

Cheese and some fruits are coated with waxes to help them last longer. This wax can be scraped off the product's surface, melted on a tile, and made into a candle by adding a wick. However, you won't be able to extract a large amount of wax this way.

Toilet paper

This item will create a torch rather than a candle. Additionally, it is the most dangerous option of all. Take a roll of paper, thoroughly soak it with oil, and place it on a thick stick. The torch can then be ignited. It is advisable not to use such a light source at home, as it is too risky. There should always be a bucket of water nearby.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA guided the correct use of candles to prevent fires.

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