Wedding etiquette rules for guests: never break them

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A wedding is one of the most important days in life, so try not to spoil it by violating the rules of etiquette

Being invited to a wedding is a great honor because the future spouses want to share their special day with you. On the one hand, this is a reason to be happy, and on the other hand, this is a reason to remind yourself of the rules of behavior at a wedding. After all, this is a celebration of the couple getting married, and no matter how bright you are, all the attention should be theirs.

OBOZ.UA inquired about the rules of etiquette that will help both you and the newlyweds spend a wonderful day together and then remember it with joy for many happy years.

Respond to the invitation

Whichever way you receive the invitation - in paper form, electronically, or in person - be sure to respond to it. Even if you can't attend the celebration, too. In this case, congratulate the newlyweds and apologize for your absence. The couple will be preparing a banquet and they need to plan their expenses, so your answer is really important to them.

Don't think you have a plus one

If the invitation does not say that you can bring someone else with you, then only you are expected at the wedding. You can't bring a friend, a new love interest, and especially children. It is also impolite to ask for a plus one for yourself unless you and the bride and groom are very close and longtime friends or relatives. However, even in this case, it is not a very comfortable situation and it is better to avoid it. As for children, many couples prefer not to invite them to the wedding for various reasons. And this should be respected.

Follow the dress code

Sometimes invitations specify what the guests should wear, including color, style, theme, degree of formality, etc. Follow the couple's wishes clearly. Moreover, if they have not specified this nuance, it is right to ask them about it on your own initiative. It may well be that they forgot to specify their wishes in the pre-wedding hustle and bustle.

Don't be late

The situation when a couple is in the midst of saying their vows, then the door opens and a long-awaited guest appears on the threshold is appropriate only in romantic comedies. And even then it's a bad one. For a real wedding, it's better to arrive a little early. A backlash of 15-30 minutes will be enough. At the same time, you will have time to correct your look after the trip. You shouldn't be too early either.

Don't call the newlyweds

You can't call the bride and groom on the wedding day. If you can't make it, you're late, etc., you should inform them through responsible third parties. These can be witnesses, relatives of the couple, or a specially hired ceremony organizer. By the way, it's polite to ask this contact in advance as well.

Turn off your phone

No matter how great your ringtone is, on the wedding day, guests should hear the newlyweds. Therefore, at least switch your gadget to silent mode (yes, you need to turn off the vibration as well), or even better, turn it off altogether. All your attention should be at the altar. A professional photographer will take photos of this moment. Speaking of photos, don't post photos from the ceremony before the newlyweds do.

Sit in the place designated for you

The newlyweds spent a lot of time figuring out how to seat their guests so that they would have fun and be interesting together. Don't ruin the fruits of this work. If the seating is not free, sit where you have been assigned. Chat with other guests at the bar or on the dance floor.

Stay for the entire duration of the banquet

If you need to leave the wedding after the ceremony, you should inform the newlyweds in advance. Otherwise, plan to stay until the end of the party so you don't miss any important moments, such as the parents' toasts, the first dance, cake cutting, or the bridal bouquet toss.

Inform the caterer of any dietary restrictions in advance

If you have any food allergies or follow a specific diet for some reason, let the couple know in advance. This will allow the couple to plan the menu so that you don't have to sit sadly in front of an empty plate all day.

Consume alcohol responsibly

A good wedding guest drinks alcohol responsibly and makes sure not to overdo it even though the drinks are free for them on the day. To better control this moment, drink a glass of water after each glass of alcohol.


Even if you're an introvert by nature, try to act like you're having fun at the wedding. Strike up conversations, get out on the dance floor at least once, and show the newlyweds that you enjoy their celebration. Seeing guests enjoying the festivities and each other's company, rather than languishing in corners, will be a great gift for them.

Keep your comments to yourself

No one doubts that you would have chosen the décor, the banquet program, and even the bride's dress better. You should tell someone else about it and not on the wedding day. What you don't like may actually be of great importance to the newlyweds. So keep positive, give at least a couple of compliments and smile at least from time to time.

Remember that etiquette makes no exceptions

Even if you are the groom's best friend and have known them since kindergarten or you are the bride's favorite aunt who hasn't seen her in a hundred years, there can be no exceptions to the above rules for you. At a wedding, every guest is a VIP, everyone is special to the couple. This means that everyone is equal and must follow the same rules of behavior. Don't jeopardize this important celebration but help the couple remember it as one of the best days of their lives.

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