"We left with minimal losses": the Russian volunteer corps revealed the details of the operation in the Belgorod region and named the main goal. Photo

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Volunteers held several villages for 24 hours

Russian volunteers said they had carried out a military operation in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation and left with minimal losses. They kept several villages under control for 24 hours. There are also trophies, but their own equipment was not lost: what the Kremlin propaganda showed was in fact bought by the occupiers on the black market.

At the same time, the population of the Belgorod region supports the operation of volunteers. Soldiers of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" (RVC) and the "Freedom of Russia" legion told about this on May 24 during a press conference in the border area of the Sumy region, OBOZREVATEL journalist Vyacheslav Butkalyuk reported.

"We carried out a military operation in Belgorod. We got trophies. We left with minimal losses - only the wounded. What Russian propaganda showed is what they buy on the black market. We did not lose our equipment in Belgorod," said the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps" Denis.

He recalled that the RVC was created on August 22, 2022. The idea of the organization is to transfer combat operations to the territory of Russia.

According to Denis, the fighters participated in various operations on the territory of Ukraine, some started back in 2014.

The RVK also pursues political goals, but the main one right now is to destroy enemy forces. One of the tasks was to test the strength of the border with Russia .

"On the territory of Russia we conduct sabotage work, reconnaissance . We carry out combat missions. The population of Belgorod supports us," Denis said.

The representative of the RDC added that the volunteers are helped with weapons and equipment by the Ukrainian army:

"All our actions are coordinated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Everything we do on the territory of Ukraine we do together with the Ukrainian army. We don't have a lot of people and equipment yet, and we are just testing our forces. There are many volunteers who support us.

In turn, the commander of the "Legion" unit with the call sign "Caesar" said that the total losses during the operation were 2 people killed and 10 wounded (the Russian Defense Ministry claimed about "destruction of about 70 saboteurs").

According to him, the aim of the volunteers is to destroy the Putin regime, which is destroying its own territory, showing that the main thing for it is to control power.

"Caesar" stated that the operation in the Graivoron district was successful and its goals were achieved.

"The enemy has been defeated, some have shamefully fled; we have touched down a large amount of equipment and taken prisoners. We will come again. Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, Voronezh, Rostov, Moscow - wait for us. In the Belgorod region we witnessed the unprincipled and cruelty of Putin's troops: while the Legionnaires passed through populated areas without touching local residents, the Russian Armed Forces gunnery and aviation were working on peaceful towns," Caesar said.

He also reported that the volunteers on the territory of the Russian Federation used the equipment, which in its time the army of the occupants took away from the AFU near Bakhmut. This equipment was successfully "retrafficked" and returned.

Freedom of Russia believes that they will find people in Russian business who could finance the fight against the Kremlin dictatorship.

"People from Belgorod asked us: 'We live under missiles, protect us". We are protecting Ukraine from our country's aggression. When we liberate the territories of Ukraine, we will go to save Russia from Putin's regime. The Russian army is weak, the border is not secure. So far we have gone a few dozen kilometers, but then we are ready to conquer hundreds of kilometers," Caesar said.

He also called Russian Army General Alexander Lapin, who allegedly personally led the "mopping up" of the Belgorod region, a "criminal in uniform."

"The Kremlin's reaction to our actions is very foolish. We proved that Putin's troops were completely unprepared for organized resistance to the Russians and were ready to wipe out their own land, so as not to show weakness," said the volunteer.

At the meeting with journalists the fighters brought, according to them, a trophy APC.


As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- Representatives of the RVC and the legion "Freedom of Russia" on May 22 reported a raid on Russian territory, the liberation of Kozinka in the Belgorod region and the entry of advance groups in Graivoron. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced the introduction of "counter-terrorist operation".

- In the morning of May 23 Gladkov stated that in Grayvoron district "sweeping of the territory" is in progress. In the evening, he announced the cancellation of the counter-terrorist operation regime, without disclosing any details of the situation.

- The Russian Defense Ministry reported that "Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups" had allegedly been "blocked and defeated".

- Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that the events in the Belgorod region caused "great concern."

- According to the media, Gladkov failed in the defense of Belgorod region, although he spent almost 10 billion rubles on it. Volunteer equipment entered unhindered along the Kozinka-Belgorod highway.

- The Main Directorate of Intelligence said that there is panic, chaos and uncertainty on the part of the Belgorod regional authorities. The statements about the alleged "big losses" among the "nationalists" are a propaganda fake.

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