"We have historical rights": Russian propagandist dreams of seizing part of Kazakhstan. Video.

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Russian propagandist dreams of capturing part of Kazakhstan

Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Steshin said that the terrorist state Russia may attack Kazakhstan in the future to seize part of the territory. On one of his propaganda shows, he claimed that Russia allegedly has a "right" to the lands of Kazakhstan.

He argued that Russia's aggressive intentions were due to the fact that "Russian-speakers" allegedly live in Kazakhstan. A fragment of the propaganda show was published on Telegram (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Steshin said that the war of aggression and genocide that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine is reflected in Kazakhstan. In his opinion, the aggressor country, the Russian Federation, has the right to attack Kazakh territories with the aim of occupation.

Moreover, the propagandist claimed that Russia allegedly "gave" Kazakhstan the territory in 1991.

"The situation in Ukraine is clearly reflected in Kazakhstan. There are also huge areas inhabited by Russian speakers there. I believe that we have historical rights to these lands. This is an industrial region. These are the cities that our ancestors built. Why did we give them away in '91? On what basis?" the propagandist said.

Recall that Kazakhstan put Russia, which calls itself "brothers" and wages bloody wars against other nations, in its place. They said that Russians are jealous of the Kazakhs because of their support for Ukrainians, and that Ukraine is jealous of Europe.

Earlier it became known that Kazakhstan supported China's "peace plan". The Kazakh Foreign Ministry called on Russia and Ukraine to sit down at the negotiating table.

In January, it was reported that a Kazakh MP was expelled from his party for supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Kazakh MP Azamat Abildayev clearly stated his support for the Kremlin's policy and said that Ukraine is "ruled by neo-Nazis".

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