"We are unstoppable": Ukrainian patriots challenged the occupiers in Crimea with bold actions. Photo.

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Ukrainian patriots held a rally in Crimea

Ukrainian patriots in Crimea, temporarily occupied by Russia, have once again staged a bold action against the occupation. With the help of graffiti and ribbons, the invaders were reminded that they will not be on Ukrainian soil for long.

The action was initiated by activists of the Yellow Ribbon civil resistance movement in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The project's Telegram channel published photos of actions from different cities on the Ukrainian peninsula.


Pro-Ukrainian leaflets, graffiti and yellow ribbons symbolising resistance in the territories seized by the aggressor state appeared in Yalta, Yevpatoria and Simferopol.

"Our activists have launched an interesting campaign in public transport, where they draw Ukrainian graffiti in buses and trolleybuses," the statement said.


The Yellow Ribbon also reported that the occupiers had intensified repression against Ukrainian patriots in Crimea and ordered to record everyone who buys yellow and blue paint. At the same time, the movement's activists stressed that the Russian invaders will not stop them.

"The Yellow Ribbon Movement has been operating for almost a year. More than 17,000 activists have joined us in all the temporarily occupied territories, and this number is growing every day," the patriots wrote.


Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also reported that the Russian occupiers had intensified terror of the local population in Crimea. In particular, in some settlements of the peninsula, the Russians have intensified "filtration" measures.

They noted that the invaders continue to put pressure on Ukrainian citizens and violate human rights.


At the same time, the resistance movement is growing on the occupied peninsula. Activists are increasingly organising bold pro-Ukrainian actions there. Activists' posters and yellow ribbons, a symbol of peaceful protest against the Russian invaders, are constantly appearing on the streets of Sevastopol and other cities.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, retired US Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that the liberation of Crimea from the Russian occupation army could be a decisive part of Russia's war against Ukraine. However, for the successful de-occupation of the peninsula, it is necessary that international partners, in particular the United States, openly declare that they want Ukraine to win.

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