Waitresses told about the tricks that affect the size of the tip

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American Bella Woodard tested a life hack for increasing tips

TikTok can provide some really useful advice. The experience of Bella Woodard, a 21-year-old medical student at East Tennessee State University (USA), is a proof of this.

According to the New York Post, the girl is currently working as a waitress and once saw a video from a colleague who recommended braiding her hair at work. Allegedly, this hairstyle makes customers leave bigger tips. Bella decided to test this claim in practice and quickly saw the results. One of her clients tipped her as much as $135.

After learning about this life hack, the magazine's journalists decided to interview other waitresses about their secrets to increasing tips. It turned out that customers were more willing to give them money if the girls spoke with a southern accent, dyed their hair blonde, used a lot of lip gloss, had their nails done, or wore shorts to work.

It turned out that these practical conclusions were in line with the findings of an academic study by Professor William Michael Lynn of Cornell's School of Hotel Administration. He studied the topic of tipping for many years and collected 20 ways to increase these additional payments from customers. Thus, Lynn recommends that waiters wear unusual clothes at work, compliment the choice of dishes, write "thank you" or draw small pictures on the receipts, squat or stand closer to the guest, and, of course, smile a lot.

As for braids, the professor commented on the success of this hairstyle by saying that it makes the waitress look younger and more sexually attractive. And several studies have already shown that attractive restaurant workers receive more money for tips. At the same time, customers also like it when waitresses wear makeup.

At the same time, the publication argues that the conclusion that the size of the tip depends on appearance makes women in the food service industry feel uncomfortable. This is because their earnings are highly dependent on their appearance.

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