Vulgar and boring: which celebrities chose the worst dresses for the Oscars

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Some stars chose bad looks for the Oscars

Last year's Academy Awards ceremony was rich in lavish and elegant looks, but not all stars were able to choose appropriate outfits. Some of them appeared on the beige carpet, which replaced the red carpet this year, in blatantly vulgar or too boring dresses that disfigured their figure.

OBOZREVATEL decided to show you the most unfortunate outfits of the year (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

British actress Florence Pugh came to the Oscars in a dress by the famous fashion house Valentino, but the chosen silhouette did not emphasize her figure. The baggy train and massive billowing sleeves combined with a tiny neckline and mini-dress accentuated the star's ample hips.


American film star Rooney Mara looked bashful and boring in an Alexander McQueen dress. The outfit did not accentuate her sexy curves and covered her waist. This was exacerbated by the actress' simple hairstyle.


Actress Lesley Paterson chose a colourful dress that combined yellow, pink and red. The brightly coloured, ill-fitting outfit looked as if it had been pulled out of the 2000s collections.


Model Emily Ratajkowski stepped out in a vulgar dress that didn't even cover her nipples. The star's underwear peeked through the sheer fabric.


Singer Lady Gaga showed off her buttocks in a Versace dress to all the Oscar guests.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that Lady Gaga had a curiosity at the Oscars. A photographer, who was trying to take a picture of her from the most interesting angle, fell right on the carpet.

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